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FKS 111 – Don’t Fear the Creeper

A lost gem from The Flying Knee show!  I have not idea what is on this episode, but I’d imagine we talk about Minecraft.  I think this is from September 2010. Enjoy! Links: Flash Player Expoit: CSAC: Sonnen positive for PEDs at UFC 117: Vids:

Hello World 2.0!

Please pardon our appearance as we rebuild the site!  Some media links may be broken as of this posting.

FKS 110 – Interfacebook

Laziness with the title, was just a Bryan line, has nothing to do with the rest of the show. We covered The Expendables, SF Sysadmin Terry Childs (we covered back in show 25) gets 4 years, Jailbreaking discussion, iNES, iSNES, BiteSMS, Pirni Pro, Fake Carrier, Food Trucks, Arrested over FacebookRead More…

FKS 109 – #DEFCON Wrap-up

Matt’s back from #DEFCON with all the fun happenings and information he learned while out in Vegas. We also get a non-geeky girl’s perspective from special guest, Grace. I’m lazy and just want to get this posted, and it’s late, so i’m just going to dump the tags here, I’llRead More…

FKS 108 – Pre #DEFCON Tech Show

Sniper still has his cough Occupational excitement BlueAnt T1 is an awesome earpiece Cellphone/App Talk Gowalla vs Foursquare Comixology App Infosec Fear mongering Router Vuln LNK Vuln vs. Blogetery vs. the Government The Audio Ninja saves a wedding. Matt’s in Vegas for DEFCON next week.

FKS #107 – Mel the Plumber

Dave’s back with us this week and brought his friend Jared 2 Eyes, A.K.A. Jared the plumber. iChatr pulled from App Store. Some Apple bashing More Mel Audio Matt’s going to Vegas Sniper Tells a sad story, Bryan makes us all uncomfortable Celebrities turning 40 We “refudiate” Sarah Palin’s pofauxRead More…

FKS #106 – The Flying FreeBSDave Show

Full Show this week! FreeBSDave introduction The media is obsessed with celebrities (joe rogan, Alex jones) In true inconsistent FKS fashion we have a lot of fun with the Mel Gibson audio recordings. Racist jokes ensue Cat Humor… Good TV Shows are coming back: True Blood, Entourage, IT Crowd, RescueRead More…

FKS #105 – Vuvuzelas Unite!

World Cup Soccer Bryan in Vegas – Poop Problems Cruises Supercomputer Plays Jeopardy IT Crowd is coming back!!! Season 4 coming this month Vale Tudo video Leave us a review on iTunes, and to keep up to date on all of us you can follow @flyingkneeshow on Twitter. ThanksRead More…

FKS #104 – Tech Show with Matt and Steve

So it was just Matt and Steve tonight so that means… Tech Show!! We start with Sniper’s fishing expedition and the monster sunburn he caught. Thanks Russ! Matt’s replacing rugs in his place. We’re a little more than a month away from DEFCON. Matt will be reporting from there. ThenRead More…

FKS #103 – Matt and Bryan Podcast Experiment (with Sniper Steve)

Very short episode tonight as it was initially just Matt and Bryan.  We were joined midway by Steve who is technically still on vacation.  There were no real topics discussed, aside from a few minutes of the UFC 2010 game Bryan was playing as we recorded.  LoLo saved the show. Read More…

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